Roll out plan for full meveth launch

Now that the first part of meveth launch is done, I am wondering what the roll out plan is for full meveth launch. What are the steps to take to get the MeV protocol fully up and running? What is coming next and in what order (like plan for incentives meveth staking, introducing vtechboost, fold staking v2, lending protocol, …)?

Maybe a bit of a timeline with all these steps (yeah I know, dangerous question, manifold and timelines lol)? Is there anything to expect this week?

All of this is in the works. Having as much ready for everyone, so a wide coverage of questions can be answered will be the optimal way, rather than fragmented mini updates people need to keep track of. Ideally, yes, major questions around rewards, migrations, liquidity, etc. should be answered this week.

Thank you.

I’d like to get a better understanding of when Fold v2 staking is starting. I remember it was supposed to launch a week after meveth launch. Today’s update doesn’t mention fold’s role in the MeV protocol at all. Please provide details. My questions:

  1. What’s fold’s utility in the MeV protocol?

  2. Tokenomics of MeV protocol: how is all incoming revenue divided, which parts and how much towards fold?

  3. When is fold v2 staking starting?

  4. Are we live with incremental MeV generating tactics like vtechboost and if not, when will that be?